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Article about the discussions regarding the pedigree fakes by Aegidius Tschudi.

Article about Familysearch and Rootstech

Article about the Landvogt Schiesser house in Linthal and the opening of the village museum Linthal.

Article about church books of the Canton of Glarus with an index of all the church books.

Article about the scripts of Aegidius Tschudis Swiss Chronicle

For a century the earth has been known better, especially more precisely. Co-responsible for this is a pioneer with Toggenburger Roots: Heinrich Wild. As a Swiss land topographer, he not only renewed and influenced the surveying and mapping of our country, but the entire world. He founded the most significant surveying company that has remained the market leader to this day. His Toggenburg origin was discovered recently in connection with Bürgi studies. Just as Huldrych Zwingli reformed the church and Jost Bürgi expanded our knowledge of the heavens, so did Heinrich Wild through his instruments which changed our knowledge of the earth.

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