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581 meters above sea level

Adlenbach is a hamlet of Luchsingen

Adlenbach Traditional Woodhouse
Adlenbach Villa



Like many other Glarus village names, Adlenbach is mentioned for the first time in the middle of the 14th century in the rent-roll of the monastery of Säckingen. In the 18th century, Adlenbach and Luchsingen existed as two small, independent mountain peasant settlements, Adlenbach on the southern, Luchsingen on the northern flank of the debris cone, which was been raised through the Luchsinger Creek. On the old maps of the canton of Glarus, Adlenbach is always listed as an independent village.


Luchsingen belonged historically to the church in Schwanden and Adlenbach to the church in Betschwanden.


While Luchsingen grew over the centuries to a village and got a a church in 1752, Adlenbach remained a hamlet, surrounded by pasture land and scattered field barns.

Earlier, both settlements were located on the same flood-sure hillside path. This path crossed the Linth on the "Kirchsteg" (church footbridge) directly below Adlenbach and continued towards Betschwanden, the ecclesiastical centre of the hinterland. However, until the construction of the new Cantonal road in the years 1837-39, the more important valley connection was on the other side of the river. The new bridge between Hätzingen and Luchsingen was opened in 1839. Now Luchsingen developed to the long-drawn street village with several factories using the water power of the Luchsinger creek, while the hamlet Adlenbach as the southernmost part of the village was cut from the traffic by the construction of the new road and retained its rural character.

In 1868, the Tagwen Luchsingen-Adlenbach was reconstituted. The two stars in the former municipal coat of arms referred to the two united Tagwen. However, the three stars in the coat of arms of the existing municipality of Luchsingen (since 2004) stand for Luchsingen, Hätzingen and Diesbach.

Translation of a report about the villagescape of Adlenbach

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