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Vintage Photo Gallery

On this (new) page I would like to publish old photographs and invite you all to identify people who have not yet been identified. You can send messages via the contact button. Click on the photo you are interested in and you will see the caption. Some of the pictures also have a link to a special document which can be downloaded.

I would also be pleased to receive old described or unknown photos from you to publish them here.

New Glarus 1947 Usherettes
New Glarus Jodel Club
Edelweiss Stars
Wild Barbara 1856 with Emma Karlen, Barbara Wild, Anna Karlen, Margaret Wild - Beemer Nebr
Stauffacher Fridolin (Frederick) 1857 Family ca. 1897
Stauffacher Dietrich 1832 Family
Stauffacher Dietrich 1830 Family taken ca. 1888
Stauffacher Jacob Family Picnic in Monroe 1924
Pupils in Dutch Hollow School ca. 1896
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