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685 meters above sea level

443  inhabitants (as per 1.1.2011)

Obstalden Wappen.gif
Obstalden ca. 1900
Obstalden Walenguflen
Obstalden ca. 2010
Obstalden Birdview
Obstalden ca. 2000
Obstalden Church about 1970
Obstalden ca. 1940
Obstalden ca. 1910
Obstalden ca. 1950
Obstalden Schoolhouse
Obstalden Village View
Obstalden Walenguflen 19, Stickereipavil
Obstalden Walenguflen
Obstalden Hotel Hirschen
Kamm Johann Peter 1733 House in Wallengu
Obstalden Church Interior2
Obstalden Kirche
Obstalden Sagen Bridge



Obstalden includes the eponymous middle village (685 m) and the hamlets Mülital, Voglingen, Nidstalden, Stocken and Walenguflen. the first documentary mention of Obstalden dates from 1340 in the rent-roll of the monastery Säckingen. In 1406/15, Obstalden was integrated into Glarus government. Until the 14th century Obstalden belonged to the church of Schänis. Built around 1300 and first mentioned in 1444, the church in Obstalden has mural paintings from the 14th and 15th centuries. The Reformation took place in 1528. In 1593, Obstalden uncoupled from Schänis. Around 1400, the so-called Heimkuhgenossame (cooperative for the use of the common grassland east of the Sallerntobel) was first mentioned. In 1806 Mühlehorn separated from Obstalden. From the beginning, the church of Obstalden was a parish church for all three communities of the Kerenzerberg area. 1760/61, Mühlehorn built its own church, but only on the occasion of the separation of the Tagwen in 1885/87 Mühlehorn separated the church completely from Obstalden.

In the 17th and 18th century, old and new alpine corporations were created for the use of alpine pastures. In the 17th century, in the Mürtschen area iron- and especially copper and silver were mined. Between 1848-64 and 1916-20 mining was resumed. In the 18th century, the hand-spinning was rampant.


In 1881-82, Obstalden established today's Primary Schoolhouse, and in 1961 the secondary schoolhouse, which became the junior high school of the upper secondary school district of Kerenzen-Mollis in 1973.

Obstalden Church.jpg
Obstalden Church Interior.jpg

Interior of the Church of Obstalden

The church of Obstalden from the 14th century.

The church tower is from Romanesque times.

Family Names from Obstalden





Geiger / Giger







Schräpfer / Schrepfer


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