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Are you a descendant of Charlemagne ?


The amazing thing about genealogy is how closely related everyone is once you start looking. This isn't so amazing to population geneticists. It's not so hard for North Americans to find European ancestors but many lineages terminate because parish records have not been preserved and because there are no other sources for the ancestors of average citizens. But every now and then you'll stumble upon lineages that have been well researched. Among my own ancestors for example there are several lineages that reach back to the 1400s and beyond. All I did was find the connections to those lineages.


The history of European nobility is well known. Chances are, you have at least one ancestor who connects to the various Dukes, barons, Counts, and Knights and their spouses in medieval times . A large percentage of the nobility of the European nobility can claim descent from Charlemagne. He had 20 children. With a little effort, almost everyone of European descent can find the path to Charlemagne.

So far my research shows 20 male Glarner who married into a European noble family. 15 were from the Tschudi family, 1 Hässi, 1 Elmer, 1 Paravicini-de-Capelli, 1 Stucki and 1 Bädli. Most of the Glarner families are related to one of the before mentioned families and therefore based on research done is due to Charlemagne and earlier ancestors of him.

Link to the List of Glarner families marring into European noble families

Most descendants from Glarus are descended from Hans Elmer (158-1640), who was married to Anna Maria von Hohensax (1585-1621). The second most common descent is from Wilhelm Netstaler (ca. 1350-), who was married to Margaretha von Mülner (ca. 1364-).

Once your family line has been identified and linked to my database, one of the family research services provided by me is presenting to you your pedigree up to Charlemagne.


My own Descendant Report which goes back to Ansbert, the progenitor of the Merovingians.


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