I can help you research your family tree in Glarus. In Glarus, the earliest records of individuals and families generally began in the 1500s and were kept by the local parish priest. These church books and the genealogical records of Johann Jakob Kubly-Müller are the main source of my research in Switzerland.

In case you are interested to make use of my family research services, please fill out this form telling me what you know and what you would like to know about your family history and I will contact you to inform you what is possible and what cost will be involved.

Since January 1, 1998, newer, stricter rules apply in the civil sector in relation to the personal data protection. It is thus no longer easily possible to investigate in the volumes of genealogy. An authorization of the cantonal civil citizenship service is required for an inspection. A respective application has to be sent in advance to the cantonal civil citizenship service with the reasoning of such an inspection. The permit will be normally given without any problem if one want to do research about the own direct family lines.

The Swiss law on data protection has been translated into English: Federal Act on Data Protection

You might hire me for doing the research. For this, the applicant must give a corresponding power of attorney to the genealogist. I have to prepare a formal application to the Cantonal Civil Citizenship Office in Glarus. This application together with a copy of a valid identification (ID/passport) of the applicant and of the mandated genealogist has to be submitted to the before mentioned authority. For more information download the information sheet for family research in Glarus.

I will conduct detailed, personalized research in thousands of family history records spanning hundreds of years to tell you who your ancestors were, where they lived and much more if available.

Research Services

The following research results are possible:

  1. Charts

    • Pedigree Charts: The Pedigree Chart is the most commonly used format for displaying a family tree and displays a graphic representation of a person´s direct-line ancestors. View Sample Pedigree Chart

    • Relationship Charts: The Relationship Chart presents a graphical display of one person´s relationship to another including the relationship of each person in between. View Sample Relationship Chart

    • Descendant Chart: The Descendant Chart is a graphical display of an individual´s descendants with the primary individual at the top of the page and his or her descendants below. View Sample Descendant Chart

  2. Genealogy Reports

    • Ahnentafel Report: The Ahnentafel Report uses an ancestor-ordered format starting with one individual and moving backward in time to that individal´s ancestors. View Sample Ahnentafel (Ancestor) Report

    • Descendant Report: The Descendant Report uses a descendant-ordered format starting with an ancestor and moving forward in time to that individual´s descendants. View Sample Descendant Report

  3. Individual Reports and Family Chronicle (for the time beeing only in German)

View Sample Family Chronicle (extract)

All these reports and charts will be provided to you electronically in PDF format.


  1. Hourly rate for onside research in case the ancestors are not yet in the Glarus Family Tree database: CHF 100.00. Usually it takes 1-3 hours of research work including travel time to research location.

  2. In case the ancestors are in the Glarus Family Tree database, for each generation a charge of CHF 30.00 will apply. E.g. a pedigree chart showing 10 generations (about 300 years) will cost CHF 300.00.

  3. The Glarus Family Tree Project lives and grows with contributions which I receive from interested parties. It goes without saying that such contributions will be off-set with my costs or even not billed in case of equivalent services.

Fees have to be paid in advance by PayPal:

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